Cooperation partner

The European History Web Portal not only implements a model of shared and networked academic work, but also sees itself as a cooperative project. The editorial team continuously tries to find scholars and interdisciplinary projects in history, cultural studies and social sciences across thematic, epochal or methodological approaches for collaboration. In addition, the European History Web Portal exchanges news and content with academic institutions, related projects and professional associations in history and cultural studies. At present, the editorial team cooperates or has cooperated with the following projects in terms of content:

  • Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin
  • EGO | European History Online, Institute for European History, Mainz
  • Franz Steiner Verlag, Stuttgart
  • Institute for Historical Studies at the Humboldt University of Berlin
  • Institute for Cultural Studies and Global and European Studies Institute at the University of Leipzig
  • Leibniz Institute for the History and Culture of Eastern Europe (GWZO), Leipzig
  • Centre for Contemporary History Research Potsdam e.V.
  • Network partners and member institutions of Clio-online e.V.
  • Historical specialist forums::
    • Connections
    • H-Soz-Kult
    • Zeitgeschichte-online